Moving To A New House With Cats

Cats build strong bonds with their surroundings so house moves are most likely nerve-racking. Preparing in advance will guarantee that the move from one the place to another goes without problems. In fact, this is a stressful time for you and one less worry would be a great thing!

Moving day

  • Prior to the moving truck comes you should put your cat in one room – the perfect location would be a bedroom.
  • Place the cat carrier, cat bed, food bowl, water bowl and litter tray in this room and make sure the door and windows stay closed.
  • Put a note on the door so that your professional movers and family understand that this door needs to be kept shut.
  • When all other rooms have been emptied, the items in the bedroom can be put in the truck last.
  • Before the furnishings are taken out your cat should be put into the cat carrier and put safely in the car to help make the journey smooth to the new house.

Transporting your cat

  • If your cat is an uneasy traveler you may wish to speak to your veterinarian before the journey; a mild sedative may be recommended.
  • Feed your cat normally but make sure the mealtime is at least three hours before traveling.
  • Transport your cat in a safe carrier.
  • Place the carrier in a seat and secure with the seatbelt, so that it cannot move around.
  • Do not transport your cat in the moving truck or in the trunk of the car!
  • If it is a long trip you really should stop and provide water or a opportunity to use a cat tray, even though most cats won’t be interested.
  • If it’s a hot day ensure the car is well ventilated; under no circumstances leave the cat inside a hot car if you stop for a break.

For more information please contact Ryder Van Lines and we will be happy to answer all your questions about moving to a new place or traveling with pets.