How To Get Free Moving Boxes

Free moving boxes can be found almost everywhere if you keep your eyes wide open. Using free moving boxes not only can help you save money, but also you’re helping the natural environment by re-using boxes rather than buying new ones.
Even though the boxes are free of charge does not mean you should immediately use them. Be sure that the free moving boxes are clean and durable. You need to keep your goods safe and so your moving boxes need to be in great condition.

Hint: Keep in mind when you’re done unpacking after your move that somebody else would thank you for free moving boxes. If you can’t find a person who wants your boxes then recycle them at your closest recycling center.

Here are some places you can find free boxes:

1. Craigslist
Craigslist is a wonderful source for getting free moving boxes.

Use Craigslist to find out if any one is freely giving moving boxes. Best time to look for the boxes is the end of the weekend or the beginning of the week.

2. Freecycle
Freecycle is another good place to to see if there are any free moving boxes available.
You will need to sign up for your local online Freecycle group and post that you would like some free moving boxes and just wait for responses from other people. It may surprise you how many responces you may get.

3. Free Moving Boxes From The Stores
Your local stores are excellent sources to get free moving boxes.

Simply ask stores workers in your town if they have some boxes you can take off their hands. Many will be very happy to get rid of the boxes they have before they go to the trouble of tearing them up.

You may also drive down the alleyways of stores to check out their recycling containers where they put boxes they do not need anymore.
Stores that have particularly great free moving boxes include computer, office supply, book, shoe, liquor, and grocery stores. These are the places where you can find the best and cleanest moving boxes.

4. Office Buildings Often Have Free Moving Boxes

Offices gets a lot of packages each day and after they’ve unpacked those boxes they just do not need them any longer.

Go in and talk to the person working at the front desk and they’re going to tell you if and where you can get some free moving boxes.

5. Find a person Who Just Relocated for Free Moving Boxes
People move constantly and so they require a lot of moving boxes to relocate their goods. After they’ve moved just want to get rid of all the empty boxes taking up space in their new house.

Keep your eyes and ears open to see who’s just moved in. They most likely have a garage full of free moving boxes that are yours to take.

6. Get Free Moving Boxes at Apartment Complexes
Apartment complexes are a fantastic spot to hunt for free moving boxes since people are constantly moving in and out of apartments.

Go into the apartment complex office and talk to the manager to find out if there are any free moving boxes out there. You may be lucky and find many useful boxes ready to take.

To get more information or a free moving quote please contact our office or your local moving company.