It Is Simple!

Moving companies have trucks carrying goods all around the country.
At any given time there are over 4,000 trucks on the road delivering people household good, and even a larger number of trucks delivering commercial goods.

With the high prices of fuel, insurance and general overhead that companies have now days, they rely on Ryder Van Lines to fill empty spaces on moving trucks.

This way of operating allows the customers to receive discounts on moving long distance up to 50% and the best part is that we are utilizing them 365 days a year so there are no rates increase all year long.

We at Ryder Van Lines stand behind our brand and more importantly our promise to you for the lowest price with the best service available today. We set the standard!

Our Quality Service Pledge

As a leading moving agent Ryder Van Lines, we strictly follow five-step quality procedures, which promote progress and excellence in moving:

Customer Service Pledge – We provide superior customer service more than 15 years, stability that has created long-lasting relationships with our customers. Ensuring customer satisfaction, honoring commitments, and employing only the most highly-trained professionals have helped us earn customers’ trust — time and again.

Performance Standards – We adhere to long-standing, customer-pleasing procedures in every job we take because we know the excellence our customers expect.

Measurement – We ensure continual customer satisfaction through surveys, with results compiled by an outside company and shared with our agents and central headquarters staff. Annually, more than 10,000 customers score our work.

Training Process – We provide the best training through our “quality labor certification” program, with expert coaches instructing our network’s employees on the proven, standardized techniques for safely packing and loading customers’ possessions in a way that ensures successful repetition and marked progress over time.

Guaranteed up to 40% discount on the following professional moving services: