Can You Get an Exact Pick Up Date From Your Auto Transport Company?

When people are thinking about car transport, they usually keep asking about the cost of it and about the pick up date and delivery date. They want to know if they can choose a pick up date for their car shipment service.

Usually, auto transport companies provide you with a 2 – 3 day window for pick-up of your car. Some of you may think that this is very inconvenient, however it will help to keep the price of shipping cars much lower.

Truck that moving cars are on the road pretty much constantly. There can be all kind of reasons for delays, specially if auto transporter carry more cars. It could be a paperwork issue at the pick-up, a flat tire, traffic or late customer, all this can affect the time of pick up or delivery.That’s the reason people should be suspicious if any car transport company tells you they can offer them an exact pick-up time. The majority of car shippers will provide you with a 2 – 3 day window however they would contact customers ahead of time, so people do not need to sit at home for 2 or 3 days waiting for them to arrive.

If the company promise the exact pick-up date, make sure to have it on paper that include note about any solution if they are not as they promised. Possible solutions can include a price reduction, free cancellation, and other helpful things. After the car transport company priced up your car, you should know approximately the time of arrival.

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